Nutri -ESA- The Nutrition Symposium-2017-Terms and Condition

Posted On 11 Jul 2017
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Terms and Condition

Forwarding payment in any means to The Exercise Science Academy LLP demonstrates your understanding & acceptance of its Terms & Conditions as detailed below.

This is an agreement between The Exercise Science Academy and you.

YouTooCanRun is only a service provider and is not in any way responsible for the delivery of the event

These terms & conditions apply to your application for a training program and subsequent matters arising from that application. All bookings and alterations to bookings are made subject to availability.


NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY TRANSFERS OR CANCELLATIONS MADE BY THE STUDENTS. Last minute changing specialization courses will be not allowed, 50 percent fees will be deducted. In case of transfer extra charges will be applicable.(transfer fees ). Freezing or Transfer of Membership will not be possible (conditions apply )

In case of installments, POST DATED CHEQUES will be compulsory.

Exam needs to be given on during due dates only, no carry forward will be allowed .Extension of the batch will be allowed only up to next upcoming batch ( conditions apply )In case of PDC given or not honoured, appropriate action will be taken. In case of a cheque bounce Rs 500!- extra will be charged as penalty. Once you have registered for the any certifications, you must clear the full amount before completion of the course.

If any instalments are not cleared On time, legal action will be taken.


Certificates are issued in the name stated on the application form. Replacement certificates can be provided for a set fee. Certificates will not be issued unless the program fee has been paid in full. 

Changes to Personal Details:

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that The Exercise Science Academy LLPholds his/her correct personal information e.g. name, address. Changes to name require a copy of legal documentation. The Exercise Science Academy LLPwill not be liable for any errors due to incorrect personal information.

Confirmation of Choice:

The Terms and Conditions section confirms that the student is attending the program of his/her own choice and that, even if an employer, friend, relative or other party is paying the fees, the student accepts the value of the program and its benefits.

Sharing or downloading any material (Lecture notes, books, videos, etc.) provided by Exercise Science Academy LLP is an offence

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