T10 Sports Corpo Jumble Noida-2017

Posted On 11 Apr 2017
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Corpo Jumble Cover - Noida 2017


T10 Sports Corpo Jumble Cup- To be won on the basis of accumulated points

Corpo Jumble Trophies-

# Trophy for max participants from a company

# Trophy for max women participants from a company

Race Categories- 3Km, 5Km & 10Km. 1mile X 4 Relay Challenge (team of 4):
Participation is open only for companies.
Individuals and city based running groups are not allowed to participate.

# You can participate in only one race category.
# Objective of the T10 Sports Corpo Jumble Cup is to promote fitness via running across all fitness, to encourage beginners to motivate fence-sitter to taste the Joy of Running!

# It’s not compulsory to field participants in each race distance to become eligible for T10 Sports Corpo Jumble Cup Challenge.

# Every company will get a participation trophy.

# Fastest runner in each category will get a trophy.

# A Corporate with maximum points wins the Corpo Jumble Cup.

For selecting the winner of T10 Sports Corpo Jumble Cup, following formula is proposed:


T10 Sports Corpo Jumble Noida-2017

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