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Kandivili 10K run


I was indeed happy to be present at the 10K run at Kandivili today and share the spirit of the event.

The background of the run was a debate that raged about the new entry norms of SCMM 2013 where it required a runner to have run a past event. Recognising that not everyone can afford to go and run in other cities in other parts of the year, Samson Sequera decided to tackle the vexing issue for Mumbai runners.

Under the aegis of the Masters Athletic Association of Mumbai Suburban District he organized the 10 K run today so that those who finish under 90 minutes are then qualified to run the SCMM.

It is indeed admirable of Samson that he organized the event within a week’s short notice. Praise is definitely due to this leadership, the band of willing volunteers that he commands, Run India Run and Total Sports that sponsored the entire event.

The event was very well organized and left nothing to be desired. Police, Traffic police, Ambulance, Pilot vehicles, Guides at every turn, Timekeepers at different locations, Registration forms, Bibs and finally packaged water, glucose biscuits and idli chatni for all who were present. The officials of the National Veterans and Masters Athletics Association  of Mumbai Suburban District and affiliated to the Masters Athletics Association of Maharashtra were also present in full rigor to add supervisory control and encouragement to the event. A dhol Tasha trio added heraldry and pomp. For those who are interested in such matters the registration fee charged to each runner was just Rs 50/- No Charitable institution was Harmed :-)

About 350 runners had registered by Friday and I am sure that the total participation must have been in excess of 500.

Rain gods also co-operated and it rained just before the event started thus cleaning the roads for the runners. And when it got over the rains again made the presence during the final awards ceremony.

Certificates and medals were given to the top 3 in each category and timing certificates were given to all who participated.

My son Vivek clicked photos and some of them are uploaded here


Events such as this one must be organized by numerous bodies throughout the year to give running a great boost.


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