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My Airtel Delhi HM Pacing Plan



Dear Runners,


I thought I will share my pacing plan for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, 2012 in the form of FAQs

How will a Runner who wants to run with me spot me?

I will be wearing a yellow ‘Dare to Run’ Tee shirt and having a pennant with the timing of 3 hours on it. Irrespective of where I am placed I will wait at the start line till almost ALL runners have gone past. I will be there waiting on the left of the start line as you go past it…look out for me. It may be very difficult to meet each other before the run itself.

Ok we spot you, then what?

Keep running on..gain as much distance as you can in the cooler hours. I will be starting last and slowly catch up…by about 5 kms I will be in ‘place’ as per my pacing plan.

What is your pacing plan?

– In order to cover 21 kms in 180 minutes I will have to cover each km in 8:34. So that basically is the plan…with some variations.

– I will be starting late after the Gun time, which is 6:40 am and irrespective of how much time I take to actually start running, I have to be back at 9:40. Not a second late and not a minute early. So I will be using the first 5 kms of the morning to speed up a bit and make up for the late start.

– I will put about 2 minutes ” in the bank” in the first half to take advantage of the cooler hours.

– At each water station and other places I will be taking walk breaks. I will also be using my camera to capture photos of beautiful Delhi a lot :-)

What if I want to run faster / slower?

If you want to run faster, and you think that your fitness capacity will allow it, then by all means certainly do so. There is no reason to go slow with me.

If on the other hand you cannot keep pace with me, I can only encourage you to keep up but I cannot delay myself for your sake. No matter what I have to reach on time. That is my job.  But I do sincerely hope you train better next year.

Hope this helps.


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