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RACES is built around our Key value of Excellence. See our value statement here http://youtoocanrun.com/values/

This post is a description of the tech platform that hosts the service.

Web Servers.

You know Amazon as the e-commerce shop that you order from. They also have a service called Amazon Web Servers ( AWS ) where web sites can be hosted. Currently AWS is considered as one of the most robust hosting platforms and we are hosted on AWS. You can know more about AWS here


Server Configuration

We have chosen a server architecture that is really scalable. What we have done is that instead of putting the web pages / forms ( the HTML ) and the backend database ( DB ) on the same server, we have put them on two separate servers. So the HTTP server ( called instance in this case ) and our DB server are both different instances. This ensures optimal experience to the user, since there are two servers at work rather than just one. As we grow we can keep scaling up both the DB and the HTTP independent of each other.

Our HTTP server configuration is called as a “m3.medium” instance. This means that this server has a 3.75 GB of RAM. Our DB server is of one size higher since most of the activity happens here. This DB server is “m3.large” which means that it has 7 GB of RAM.

Know more about the server configurations here

Our plan also includes ‘auto scaling’ capacities. What this means is that if the server sees a load increasing ( say a major race opens its registration form ), it will scale up the configuration so that service levels do not drop.

Content Delivery Network ( CDN )
While our physical server sits in a their North Virginia data farm, we recognise that our runners are sitting in India. This distance will often lead to multiple hops across the oceans and can thus result in latency and drop. The way this is overcome is to use something called Content Delivery Network. Under CDN, while the main servers are sitting in North Virginia, mirror servers distribute the content in local servers all across the globe.

This is the technology used by leading websites to see that the content is served with minimal latency.

Amazon offers its own CDN and is branded as Cloudfront. In India AWS Cloudfront servers sit at Mumbai and Chennai. Thus when the runner in India requests a web form to fill up, the response comes to him from local servers in India.


With our data sitting in the secure data farm of Amazon, we are assured of the highest level of security that there can be. We are thus effectively shielded from most data security issues.

At YouTooCanRun we believe that the Event Organisers and the Running community in India must get the best offering. RACES is built on the principle that Event Organisers and Runners must not face any issues in the registration process.

We believe that the runners pay a decent sum for the event and that they are entitled to a hassle free registration process.

Successive posts will deal with the application layer and how we keep monitoring of performance levels

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