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Pinnacle Satara Hill Marathon, 2014 – Meet the Pacers

Pinnacle Satara Half Marathon

Hello Runners,

With the every increasing popularity of the event, this year we  are putting together a team of pacers to help you run the event better. Out of the 9 pacers, 5 are from Satara and are those who run the route regularly. 2 of them are Comrades participants and all of them are very accomplished runners.

2:00 Bus

DR Sandeep Kate


  • Half Marathon ,April 2012 at Corbett National Park [2:01:30]
  • Full marathon at Hyderabad [ AHM ]in August 2012 [4:25:30 ]
  • Pune International Half Marathon 2012 [1:49:25 ]
  • Full marathon [Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2013] [3:58:50]
  • Comrades Ultra Marathon 2013 [ Up Run ] in 11 hrs 31mins and 51 seconds.
  • Pune Running Beyond Myself [ Half marathon 2013] [ 1:46:55 ]
  • Goa river marathon 2013[ Half marathon ] [ 1:35:02 ]
  • Full Marathon [Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2013] [3: 36 ]
  • Comrades Ultramarathon 2014 [ down run ] 10 hrs 43mins and 53 seconds.


2:15 Bus

Dr Sandeep Lele

Races completed:-

A)SCMM 2013 half marathon – 2:26

B)Pune running beyond myself half marathon 2013  – 1:53

C)Goa river marathon 2013 half marathon – 2:01

D) SCMM 2014 Marathon 4:26

E) Comrades’ ultra 2014  11:46

Dr Avinash Shinde 

Races completed 

A) Pune international half marathon 2012- 2:12

B) SCMM half marathon 2013 2:01

C) Pune running beyond myself half marathon 2013 – 2:06

D) Goa River marathon (half marathon) 1:56

E) SCMM marathon 2014- 4:23

2:30 hour bus

 Dr Ajay Shedge

Races completed

A) PSHM half marathon 2013 – 2:21

B) Pune running beyond myself half marathon 2013- 2:11

C) Goa river half marathon 2013- 2:00

D) SCMM marathon 2014 -5:11

E) Surat Night Marathon 2014 – 4:47


 Mr  Dinesh Udhani 

 Races completed 

A) PSHM half marathon 2013 – 2:16

B) SCMM half marathon 2014-2:08 


2:45 Hour Bus

Dinesh Laungani

o of half marathons run till date : approx: 14

Best time: 2:04 ( at SCMM 2013 )

Full marathons so far :  1

Best time : 5:24 ( at SCMM 2014 )

Kevin Pereira

Kevin Pereira our 2hrs:45mins pacer is a serial Marathon Runner. He has run over 30 Marathons in India & Overseas. He is a sub 2Hr Runner in SCMM, Thane & Goa.

Till date Kevin has encouraged over 100 individuals to take up running & adopt a healthier life. Through running Kevin has supported various charities over the last 8 years. Post a successful corporate career he recently switched to being an entrepreneur & set up Emidar Running Promotions.

Having run 25Kms Ultras & almost 25 HM’s gives Kevin enough insight & deep experience to lead all PSHM 2:45 aspiring finishers across the finish line.


3:00 hour Pacers

Mr Nikhil Shah

Nikhil, runner from Pune has run 7 full Marathons and countless half marathons. His best time for a Half Marathon is 1 hour 50 min and best time in Satara Marathon is about 2 hours. He has participated in all editions of Satara Hill Marathon and knows the terrain well. 
He has been organizer for several running events and Marathon. Durshet Forest Marathon, Kundalika River Marathon, Konkan Beach Marathon, PRBM-1. An excellent motivator for running. 

P. Venkatraman

Mr. P. Venkatraman is a seasoned runner who has been running Half Marathons over many years. In fact, with a view to maintain physical fitness throughout the year, in the last three years he has been running the Half Marathon distance of 21 kms every single calendar month. He has run more than 68 Half Marathons so far. In Sep/Oct 2013 he ran 3 Successive Half Marathon on 3 consecutive Sundays. On the last of those Sundays he ran the Oxford Half Marathon with a Personal Best timing of 2:18. The Half Marathon distance is now something that he can run by design.

Besides running, he also loves to read about running and has built a library of running books over the years. This has enabled him to assimilate vast amount of knowledge on running which he delights in contributing on various running forum. In order to see that runners are trained better for long distance running he has formulated the ‘Marathon Training Workshop’ which was conducted in Panaji as part of Goa River Marathon preparations. He has also initiated, together with Asian Heart Institute, India’s largest Sweat Rate study. In January 2014 he conducted India’s first Running Summit, an pan Indian congregation of runners and running event organisers. At the Summit also released was India’s first Medical Directors Handbook for Racing event organisers.

He regularly logs all his runs using his Garmin Heart Rate Monitor and these can be viewed at http://connect.garmin.com/activities?cid=2064843

He has been a Pacer in SCMM since last four years. He has also paced in Borivili National Park HM of Aug 2012 where he organized the Pacing efforts as also in the Airtel Delhi HM of Sep 2012.Besides leading the pacing efforts for Goa River Marathon for 2012 and 2013, he has also led pacing efforts for Hyderabad in 2013 and Pune Running in 2013. He has successfully led his 3 hour ‘Bus’ adhering to the pacers credo of not more than a minute early, not a second late. He has also written India’s first Pacers Manual, a document that shares with all Pacers the do’s and dont’s of good Pacing.

He is a strong enthusiast for good healthy living and enjoys giving first time runners the thrill of successfully completing their first Half Marathon in 3 hours.


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  1. Ravi Malhan on said:

    I loved this. Totally loved it. Such interesting guys with such great stories. I will do anything to befriend you fellows. I am going to chase down some of you. And very soon.
    Thanks for inspiring me.

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