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Race Report: Bhumi India Promo Run – Mumbai 2016

Bhumi India Run – Race report

Today was the Bhumi India Run at Bandra and kudos to Bhavana Diyora and Prakash Wani for making it happen in the manner in which runners enjoyed it a lot.

It started about 8 or so months back when Lokesh Rekapalli got in touch with me to do a series of pan-nation Bhumi India runs. After much consideration, my advice to him was not to do too much too soon…the same advice I give to beginning runners incidentally.

He went back to the counsel and after internal discussions agreed with my perspective to do one main run in Chennai, which is there head office and do a series of promotional runs starting with Mumbai and then Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkatta. I made the connections to make this happen in Bangalore with Santosh Santhosh C Padmanabhan and in Delhi with CoachRavinder Singh

In Mumbai, I thought Bhavana and Wani were the aptest to get this promo run off the ground. I am glad that they also picked it up and executed it with flawless enthusiasm from then on.

The location and the route were next and we got Bandra fort arranged and route decided. The fees of Rs 100/- was kept as minimum and the registration ink went live.

We wanted to restrict this run to limited numbers since the NGO was spending more on each runner and going into deficit per runner. But the idea was to let the running community of Mumbai know about Bhumi and their existence in the city and activities they do.

I am happy that in spite of my travel obligations to US and Aurangabad, my team of Jayanti Poojari and Saumil Nayak along with Lokesh, Bhavana and Wani did all that was necessary to pull off the event.

It was so nice to see the running community reach out with its overwhelming support. Michael Dsouza and Tashi Ongya were there for the photos, Himanshu Vinchhi Divya Chotalia Prochy Mistry Durga Upadhayay Rajendra Tembe Mihir Kambli Geeta Sridhar Ajit Singh Swetha Amit Bijay Nair Satish Gujaran Anu Naik Nikita Sunil Handa and much more turned up and volunteered in several aspects.

At YouTooCanRun it gives us great satisfaction to be part of such runs. In keeping with our policy of not making money in NGO-led runs, we do all this for free with no markup on costs.

Please do read about Bhumi on Wikipedia and encourage the youth in your circles to volunteer thru them


Bijender Vats used this opportunity to get all the employees of Merck Pharma to get on board with Bhumi and volunteer for their several initiatives. Three cheers to him.

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