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Race Report for the Weekend 12th Feb 2017

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
― Phil Jackson

We handled 8 events on the Valentine weekend of 12th Feb.

HIRANANDANI THANE HALF MARATHON crossed 12000 runners. We were the registration partners and handled bib distribution at the expo. Jayanti, Payal, Noor and Sheela were there for the four days with Venkat spending his pre-lunch hours there to see that things were smooth on each of the days. We also did the pacing calculator for the event which was downloaded by over 70 runners. The Runners Medical Profiler ( TRuMP…never thought that term might acquire a negative connotation one-day :-) saw 729 runners share with us their medical data. Who knew that the event will also see a runner collapse from a cardiac arrest. It never hurts to be cautious in such matters. We also put together the pacing team and kitted them while our team member Payal was the 60 mins pacer for 10kms.

Venkat himself could not be there on event day since he had a higher calling at the LITTLE HEARTS MARATHON conducted to raise funds for the BJ Wadia Children hospital for their paediatric cardiac wing. In this event, we played the role of being Event Consultants and we added considerable value to the event in several ways. Over 5000 children participated in several distances at the Mahalakshmi Race Course and the event ended with a Little Hearts Million horse race. Anish, Saumil and Dhanraj handled the registration, bib distribution and event production.

It has always been our pleasure to support the AUROVILLE MARATHON, One of the oldest Marathons in India in its 10th edition which happens at the Auroville campus in the outskirts of Pondicherry. The course has long trails and paved roads inside Auroville. It had a smooth registration process handled by our team. If there is one run you must not miss, it is this.

BANGALORE RUNNERS UNITY RUN (BRUR 2017) is an annual event organised by Jayanagar Jaguars bringing together the entire running community of Bangalore, about 500 runners participated in this event and we supported the registration process.

The NASIK MARATHON RUN FOR PEACE saw the pacers using our pacing kits. In its first edition, it was held by the Police department in a laudable initiative.

Registration process of two Promo runs – RUN WITH YOUR SWEETHEART, Gurugram and PUMA IGNITE YOUR CITY promo run at Hyderabad were taken care.

We received an overwhelming response in BHUMI SPORTS LEAGUE Chennai, an inter-corporate sports tournament for the cause of education of under-privileged children.

Many members of the team not mentioned above worked to put all these events processes in place. Happy to have a team of enthusiastic members who share the common passion for the promotion of running.

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