One Stop Shop

for Everything in Running

The mission of YouTooCanRun is “To Promote Running for Good Health”

In order to further the cause of this mission we have several initiatives aimed at runners, trainers and event organisers.

From event consulting to handling registrations and providing backend support for events, publishing in-depth articles to provide information about different aspects of running to organising The India Running Summit, our full spectrum of activities encompasses all aspects of running.

Quite early we decided we will not do two things. We will not be event organisers and that we will not do training ourselves. Though our founder Mr P. Venkatraman trains the most exclusive group of runners. Those who run post Cardiac surgery called the Zippers Club.

We decided to provide the best infrastructure to space so that running can leapfrog and various participants can leverage our capacities to grow themselves.

We are a social enterprise, which means that we will make money from services rendered but use the surplus to plough back into growing the running space. Much of what we do is free or at cost with no markup.

The individual runner is the hero of the growth story and almost all our offerings to runners are free. 

Trainers can benefit by our several initiatives listed here. 

Most of our solutions to Event Organisers are unparalleled and unique. Our roots in the running space give us a depth of experience to offer the best-in-class services to help promoters scale up rapidly.