Ladakh Marathon – Indian National – 13th September 2020

Posted On 01 Mar 2019
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Ladakh Marathon is a unique opportunity for runners from around India and the world to run with local Ladakhis through an ancient Buddhist kingdom grappling with the rapid changes of today. The historic capital of Leh, the stunning vistas as you cross the Indus River and the dramatic climb up to the Khardung La from Nubra will leave you with lifelong memories and a chance to say you ran Ladakh, the world’s highest marathon. It is an annual event that takes place in LEH during the month of September. Being certified by AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races), it has put the event on the global marathon calendar. Khardung La Challenge, one of the four races of the event, is now the world’s highest and among the toughest ultra marathons, that is attracting some of the best runners from across the globe.


The 05 km run is the shortest race and has attracted the widest participation among runners across different age groups and genders. This race is particularly for fun and is open to everyone ranging from students to elders, armed forces and families stationed at Leh, and tourists who happen to be in Leh during the marathon time.



The 10.5 km Run is a loop that starts and ends at the NDS Memorial Stadium grounds. Running this 10.5 km race will surely help you prepare for the other challenging races of Ladakh Marathon.



The half marathon takes you through the town of Leh and its outskirts and includes a loop that starts and ends at the NDS Memorial Stadium grounds. If you are not ready for the full marathon why not give this run a shot and then come back next year for the big race. Most people run the half marathon to prepare for the full marathon.

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The Ladakh Full Marathon is the world’s highest AIMS-IAAF certified marathon. The picturesque landscape of the sandy horizon and clear blue skies, accompanied by views of the monasteries, makes it a memorable run. If you are a serious long distance runner this is one course you will want under your belt and be talking about for a long time to come.

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This is a race for the elite runner who wants to push the limits of endurance. It starts in the scenic Khardung village and then goes uphill all the way to the Khardung La pass, making it the World’s highest ultra marathon that reaches an ultimate height of 5370m. You race on the world’s highest motorable road past summer yak pastures and stunning views of the East Karakoram mountains of Ladakh. The good thing is that once you reach the pass, it’s all downhill from there to Leh.

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The ancient ‘Silk Route’ across the Karakoram pass connected North West India with Central Asia from Yarkhand, Kashgar and Turkestan. This route was strategically important and one of the longest trade routes in ancient time. It was not only an exchange of commodities but also a cultural exchange of customs that took place till the mid 20th century as this is seen in the rich cultural heritage that Ladakh has to offer. As this famous Silk route passed through the Nubra Valley (Ldumra – the valley of flowers), this race has been aptly name the Silk Route Ultra.

This Race is for all those who have been running the Khardungla Challenge for several years and for those Ultra Runners and Iron Man athletes who always want to test their endurance further.

Number of participants to this race is restricted to a maximum of 50 runners. This ultra race is scheduled for Thursday 10 September 2020, starting from the village of Kyagar. Ladakh-45

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