YouTooCanRun presents The 2019K Challenge

Posted On 10 Jan 2019
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2019 Challenge
What is The 2019K Challenge?
The 2019K Challenge, is a challenge to run 2019 km in the year 2019.
What if I don’t want to do 2019 KM?
You are free to join the challenge nevertheless whether you want to do 2019 or more or less, the idea is to put in a sense of healthy goal setting, so that you accomplish your goals with some social accountability.
How will the mileage be tracked?
In the Registration form we ask for the link to your personal device that you have, be it Garmin, Strava, Fitbit, Runkeeper or TomTom. Ensure that the link is a public profile so that our back-end team can keep looking at it and updating it at regular intervals. From time to time we will also be publishing the leader boards to show how different participants rank in the challenge.
What if I run or a treadmill or in a place where GPS is unavailable?
If you run internally on a treadmill, most of the apps allow you to add a manual activity. If you run with a GPS enabled, just sync it and we’ll pick up the activities. Ofcourse, word of honour, that your manual activities are faithfully captured.
How do I know I’m eligible to run the challenge?
We feel that this challenge should be taken up by people who have been running for a few years, this goal is not for someone who has recently started running. But that does not mean that those who are otherwise healthy and are fit and are exercising in other forms cannot participate. Ultimately you have to be your own judge.
What if I cannot finish the challenge?
Nothing. The sky is not going to fall. You continue to do whatever you can do and reap the benefits of having run that distance.
Is there a training plan or approach that you recommend for the challenge?
The 2019 Challenge requires you to run 2019 KM in 52 weeks or about 39 KM’s each week. As such it is a good load for a rank beginner.

If you have not been regular on your running and have not taken this kind of a load before then you should seriously reconsider scaling down your options. You can still be a part of the challenge and run a lesser distance.

Before you embark ask yourself if there are any pre-existing conditions such as injuries, diabetes, cardiac disease, hypertension or similar. Then do seek appropriate consultation before you start. Better safe than sorry.

We recommend 5 different flavours or approaches to accomplish the challenge. Let’s go through each one of them.
1) The first is called sedate. This is because it’s an easy plan. You basically run two 10Ks well spread apart so that there are recovery periods and then do two 6Ks and one 7K in the middle of the week.
2) The next one is called Even Steven. This is because you run the same amount of distance practically throughout the week in a very even manner while having two rest days.
3) The next one is called the Escalator as you escalate the kms from 6 to 10 as you go along the week.
4) The next is called tri-weekly and is suitable for those who want to do cross-training on the other days along with the running. Obviously the volume on the three days has to be more to make up for the 39kms each week.
5) The last one is called the weekend warrior and is probably the toughest one. This plan is for those who presumably travel a lot and cannot run on weekdays and therefore have to make up the distance on the weekends. Two 15 kms back to back can be challenging but this can also be part of the training schedule for those who train intensively to run longer distance.
Whatever suits you, we can choose, we can try different alternatives and see which one works best. It could also be possible as you progress with your running door and if things are going smoothly for you, you might change plan and make them more aggressive and increase the distance and make it more than 2019K who knows, all the best.
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YouTooCanRun presents The 2019K Challenge

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