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YouTooCanRun introduces a first-time feature in India. The Virtual Goody Bag.

Virtual Goodie Bag for Events- 30 events

What ails the traditional Goody bag?

Runners, running event organisers and sponsors are all too familiar with the vexing problem of the goody bag that is so much an essential part of any running event.

Runners find the bag stuffed with papers a rather silly waste and dive straight to the bib, race tee-shirt and sampling goodies. The rest is sadly, just trashed.

Running event organisers on the other hand face issues of laying their hands on the printed content from the sponsors, which is never known to reach on time. And then employing an army of labour to stuff the goody bags overnight. Sometimes the printers delay it even further and deliver materials after the bib distribution has started. At this stage itself, there is considerable wastage since printed materials are often ordered in excess of the runners who have registered.

Sponsors are probably the worst off. They give cash to the event organiser to come on board as sponsors and then spend on the printed media they hope the runners will see. Which we all know by now goes straight into the trash. And they have no trackable leads to talk of. Sponsorship amounts are thus wasted for three possible reasons. Out of faith that something good will come, out of compassion for the cause of running and lastly for want of a better choice to reach the target segment.

What is the Virtual Goody Bag?

The Virtual Goody Bag is just that. A digital version of the traditional goody bag. But being digital it helps to think of it as a goody bag on steroids. Sorry, an inappropriate comparison here!!

It offers the following advantages

  • No headache of sourcing goody bags, sourcing printed materials and stuffing them.
  • Available right from the time of registration. Longer engagement period with runners.
  • Completely customizable for each event and its several sponsors.
  • Variation in offerings to runners so that they choose what they like.
  • Digital lead generation
  • Completely green. Nil wastage of paper.
  • Coupons are redeemable with customizable actions. More on this later.
  • Considerable savings thus leaving more money on the table for the event organiser and event sponsors.


How does it work?

Immediately after registration, the runner is taken to the Virtual Goody Bag.

  • The runner will be presented several ‘coupons’ which he can pick and choose and drop into his Virtual Goody bag. He has control over what he needs. He then checks out.
  • The coupons can have various types of actions embedded. If it is a coupon that entitles him to a discount on goods, he will be taken to a shop where the goods can be purchased at the discount (eg foam roller at a discount). If the coupon entitles him to a free service, he will be mailed a virtual coupon which he can present to the service provider (eg one free sitting with sports physio) If the coupon requires someone to contact him, his contact details will be passed on to the relevant sponsor ( eg builder to call for visit to demo flat ). I am sure you get the idea.
  • With tremendous flexibility, sponsors can put different combinations of an offer for runners. For example, the builder may have one coupon for a discounted rate on sq feet and another for free white goods furnishings. Runners can then choose what they prefer more.
  • Each coupon can have a number of entitlements defined. Eg a travel company may want to offer deep discount vacation packages for up to 3 family members. The runner can then choose how many entitlements he wants.
  • As the event progresses, it is likely that more sponsors will be added. The Virtual Goody Bag can be held for him till the event gets over and he can come back and claim coupons that he may have skipped or missed earlier. ( Her friend went to the dietician and started losing weight )
  • Sponsors will thus get verifiable leads and runners will get to use goods and services that they really need and value. Not get dumped with sampling materials that they end up giving away to their domestic help!!


Use Case Scenarios

  • A sports drink company wants its runners to train and develop a taste for their products during the training runs. Runners can choose how many packs they require during the training period and this can be delivered to the runner. The runner can then run the event powered by the sports drink.
  • A shoe company sponsor wants to give its shoes at a discount so that runners get used to the shoes on their training runs. The runner can be given a discount coupon which he can redeem at a convenience store.
  • A builder wants to sell his flats and either give a discount per sq feet or waive Registration charges. The runner can choose either coupon.
  • A nutritionist can offer the first free consultation on the diet plans and weight loss leading to the event. The runner can choose it as soon as he registers so that the nutritionist and runner can gain from the relationship leading up to the event.