One Stop Shop

for Everything in Running

YouTooCanRun founded in 2014, is a one-stop-shop for everything in running. Founded on the passion of Mr. P. Venkatraman, Founder and CEO, he set it up as social entrepreneurship, with a mission to ‘promote running for good health’.

YouTooCanRun is aimed at the recreational runner, who has a vocation elsewhere but pursues a passion for running as a recreational activity. The recreational runner does not pursue this passion for prize money or rewards though snagging a Personal Best is a nice bonus.

The purpose of doing this is to promote the Good Health of recreational runners. Health is distinguished from fitness. For example, a bodybuilder can be fit but unhealthy since his Lipids are high. Besides Good Health, as defined by various medical parameters, we include a holistic definition to include the practice of mental health and a clean lifestyle.

We have a range of service offerings for various stakeholders in the running space. Be it, Event Organizers, Runners, Trainers, Brands or Corporates ….there is something that YouTooCanRun has to offer them.

We have grown to a pre-eminent position in the 8 full years of our operations. We have serviced more than 1050 events registering in excess of 9,10,000 runners. We have published 6 books so far and have conducted three editions of The India Running Summit, the premier running event.