We Promote Running

for Good Health

  • Why?

    YouTooCanRun is a pre-eminent player in the recreational running space in India. Running as a sport is growing by leaps and bounds ( pardon the pun :-) ) and YouTooCanRun has within two years positioned itself as a partner of choice for everyone connected with running in India.

    YouTooCanRun is promoted by P. Venkatraman, a serial entrepreneur who is a qualified Chartered Accountant. After having founded and exited two BPOs to US and UK companies, he has decided to promote running for good health through YouTooCanRun as  a social entrepreneurship. P. Venkatraman is also a seasoned runner and runs a Half Marathon every month. At a recent count, the number of Half Marathons had crossed more than 90.

    His LinkedIn profile is here https://www.linkedin.com/in/venkatp
    His twitter profile is here: https://twitter.com/youtoocanrun

    The other director is his wife, Varalakshmi, who is also a runner. She is a qualified corporate solicitor by vocation.

    Dr Aashish Contractor ( Cardiologist and Sports Physiologist ) and Mr Ketan Shrimankar ( Chartered Accountant and Venture Capitalist ) sit on the Board of Advisors. Dr Contractor is on Social Media at

    The top reasons to work with YouTooCanRun are

    1. You will be given more responsibility – We will dump work on you and encourage you to pile it on. We will condone mistakes arising out of genuine reasons.

    2. You will be given more opportunities – Every rapidly growing organisation spews numerous opportunities to perform and excel. You will never run short of them.

    3. You will learn from the innovators – We are constantly innovating. We are always asking ourselves how we can be proactive and make a difference to our stakeholders. You will never die from boredom, we assure you.

    4. You will be recognised ( or rebuked ) – Since we are small organisation your excellence will immediately be recognised. If you tend to slack we will lose no time in rebuking you either. But of course with  grace and in private.

    5. You will be instilled with the virtues of hard work, ownership and frugality. – In a start-up a place like ours, your career will be moulded in the right direction. Years later you will thank us for having taken the trouble to have not made you a lazy bloke. Your parents will admire you.

    6. You will develop the personality  traits of the owner – A person who is known to be successful has traits that will rub off on you. You will learn what it means to be healthy, fit and vigorous in approach to life.

    7. You will work in a great atmosphere – We have a culture of good health and traditional values. We do not encourage unhealthy behaviors bordering on hedonism. We will not foster unhealthy addictive stuff in the name of ‘enjoyment’.

  • About Us

    YouTooCanRun is aimed at the recreational runner, who has a vocation elsewhere, but pursues a passion for running as a recreational activity. The recreational runner does not pursue this passion for prize money or rewards though snagging a Personal Best is a nice bonus.

    The purpose of doing this is to promote Good Health of the recreational runners. Health is distinguished from fitness. For example, a bodybuilder can be fit but unhealthy since his Lipids are high. Besides Good Health, as defined by various medical parameters, we include a holistic definition to include the practice of mental health and clean lifestyle.

    We have a range of service offerings for various stakeholders in the running space. Be it Event Organizers, Runners, Trainers or Sponsors….there is something that YouTooCanRun has to offer for them.

    We have grown to a pre-eminent position in the 2 full years of our operations. We have serviced more than 120 events registering in excess of 120,000 runners. We have published 6 books so far and have conducted the third edition of The India Running Summit, the premier running event.

    We work with some of the best names in the country.

  • What do We Do ?

    Much of our work involves in providing back-end support to the event organizers with their running events, and at the heart of everything we do is the principle of  helping event organizers conduct running events  with ease.

    We are soon launching many service offerings for other stakeholders in the running ecosystem. We will soon be the only organisation to offer a complete bouquet of services to the several players in the running ecosystem.

  • Work Culture

    YouTooCanRun encourages an open culture, encourages innovation and fuels ideation. We are easy, we are fun to work with and we don t give up. This isn’t just our office, it is our thinking hub where we look forward to coming and create something new, every day. That says it all pretty much.

    We encourage you to visit our Facebook Photo album to see how we promote a healthy work culture.

  • Current Openings

    1. Admin / Secretary
              Experience: Minimum of 3 years (preferred secretarial and admin experience)
              Qualification: Graduate in any field
              Job Summary: Handle office schedules, coordinate meetings and visits, organize files, answer phones and perform a huge array of other 
                                        essential tasks
           2. Head – Sales
               Experience: Minimum of 8 years
               Qualification: Bachelors/Masters
               Job Summary: Determines annual unit and gross-profit plans by implementing marketing strategies,analyzing trends
                                         and results.Maintains sales volume, product mix, and selling price by keeping current with supply and demand,
                                         changing trends, economic indicators, and competitors. Proven Leadership in team management.Establishes sales
                                         objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for regions and territories; projecting expected sales
                                         volume and profit for existing and new products.

    If you wish to join us, write to us at hr@youtoocanrun.com