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YouTooCanRun – Unived  Joint Press Release


YouTooCanRun and Unived are proud to officially announce their collaboration over the promotion of the RRUNN™ System of sports nutrition drinks, that have been researched, formulated and manufactured by Unived.

YouTooCanRun and Unived Shared Milestones

Mr. Amit Mehta, founder and CEO of Unived and Mr. P.Venkatraman, founder of YouTooCanRun have a past relationship that goes a long way.

Red Yeast Rice – 2012

Mr. P.Venkatraman, a cardiac patient was regularly taking statins to maintain his lipids under control. Being a regular runner, Mr. P.Venkatraman was complaining of muscle soreness and memory loss, which are known side effects of the statin drugs. At this juncture, he was introduced to Mr. Amit Mehta, and Unived’s Red Yeast Rice, a natural variant of the statin molecules. After a thorough understanding of the benefits of Red Yeast Rice, Mr. P.Venkatraman carried out a cardiologist-guided transition from synthetic statins to Red Yeast Rice. In the two years that Mr. P. Venkatraman has been on Red Yeast Rice, and not only is his cholesterol in check, but all the negative side-effects he experienced under statins are now history.

Sabja v/s Chia seeds – 2012                                                                                            

As a runner himself, Mr. P.Venkatraman found that many runners were turning to imported chia seeds for their perceived nutritional benefits. Being of the firm opinion that all Indian foods can also be ‘superfoods’, he desired to test and evaluate the imported chia seeds against the local ‘sabja’ seeds which come from the same family.

Unived gladly consented to carry out the test for free at their laboratory. The results of the test were blogged by Mr. P.Venkatraman for the shared benefit of the running community and can be accessed on the YouTooCanRun website.

RRUNN™ R&D and Sweat Rate Study – 2012-2013

In 2012, Unived was deep in the R&D stage for the RRUNN™ range, a process that lasted over a year. Unived’s in-depth research resulted in a formulation which was split into a Pre, During, and Post range of products. The RRUNN™ system of 3 drinks was unconventional, as opposed the traditional ‘single sports drink’ that Indian athletes were accustomed to. Despite this, Unived believed in the superior efficacy of the products, and decided to go ahead with a trial production batch and began the process of evidence-based trials on athletes.

YouTooCanRun was conducting its own in-depth ‘Sweat Rate Study’ of the Indian runners. Again, the driver behind the study was to generate a body of knowledge that was rooted in the Indian athletic conditions. During the course of this study, the issue of hydration and in-run nutrition was brought to the fore. A look at the several options in this area revealed that most runners were opting for imported consumables like sports drinks and gels. Besides being imported and expensive, most of them were loaded with preservatives and other synthetic chemicals to sustain the long travel and improve their shelf life. Also, these products were focused on the ‘single energy drink’ concept. Clearly, there was a gap in the market for an Indian product that was natural, free of synthetic additives, and that was suited to Indian conditions.

By late 2013, Unived was ready for the first soft release of RRUNN™, and it was débuted at the 2014 India Running Summit, organized by YouTooCanRun. Since then, the product has stepped in to fill this gap in the Indian running market. RRUNN™ has now travelled across the country, hydrated many events, and has helped improve the overall running experience for many Indian athletes.

USP of the RRUNN™ System

The RRUNN™ range of products has several unique firsts to its credit:

  1. Formulated as 3 different formulations for Pre, During, and Post phases of training, keeping in mind the differing physiological needs of the athlete in each phase of training and performance.
  2. Natural ingredients, vegan, and gluten-free.
  3. Hi-GI and Low-GI carbs for instant and sustained energy.
  4. Electrolytes along with a key osmolyte, BCAAs, and 6-8% carbs for re-hydration and endurance.
  5. 4:1 Carbohydrates to Protein ratio for complete system recovery.
  6. Proudly conceived, designed and produced by Indians in India.
  7. Pilot tested across India, in several cities, by leading endurance athletes.

Speaking on the occasionMr. P.Venkatraman, Chief Running Evangelist of YouTooCanRun said, “YouTooCanRun and Unived have shared values of bringing high quality products to the running space. We are happy with the partnership and know that this relationship will promote running for good health in India”

Mr. Amit Mehta added, “At Unived, we believe in producing high value, ethical, and result oriented products. We do not compromise on the quality of the product or service; I have known Mr. P.Venkatraman for a long time, and know that he shares the same values and practices. Unived is very happy to work in close proximity with YouTooCanRun – together we will ensure that RRUNN™ reaches every endurance athlete in India.”

The full range of RRUNN™ products is now available at  on

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