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Tackling Diwali – A weight loss perspective – 3

One term – Appropriate choices

Another aspect of managing Diwali excesses is to make the appropriate choices in what we choose to ingest.Not all sweets / savories are created equal. And it pays to know them a little closely and avoid those that are more harmful than the others.Here is how I go about it.

– First I do not consume anything that gets made in a factory and comes in attractive packing. So no bourbons, dairy milk etc . Nothing that has a brand name. No Cadburys, Hersheys or Kit Kat.Why so? They contain a whole bunch of artificial ingredients that are concocted in a chemical laboratory. They are not actual food, but ‘food like’ sweets. I do not trust the American corporate wallahs to be careful about my health. They will do this only for their own profits. So I have to ultimately take care of my health, but the simple act of avoiding what I cannot trust.

– Second I avoid those that may not be branded or packaged but which have come from sources which may be unverified. So Savories made in Dharavi ( or similar ) are out. I am OK with sweets and savories that may come from leading Indian brands such as Chandu Halwai, Ghasitaram etc. Stuff that is made fresh and sold. Where there is some connect between the producer and the consumer. Haldiram counts as a packaged product along with Cadburys and the rest.

– Third I judge the amount of fat and sugar in each item and favour the less oil laden stuff. So Mysore Pak is out. Halwa is out.

– Fourth, being a Vegan I avoid all Milk based products. This is a personal choice which you may or may not adhere to. So no Rassagollas, Chum Chum and such like. I do recognise that there may be some ghee in many items, but I accept that as an unavoidable fact of being Vegan in today’s circumstances.

– So then what is left you might ask…it looks like I have cut out most of your favourites already. Here is what I go for.

Besan ladu…may contain ghee but contains proteins from dal. Our South Indian version is Maa Ladu. Boondi Ladu..boondis are fried..but still not oil soaked. Jilebi is borderline, Shankarpoli, Puran Poli, Karanjis

The above is only a partial list that comes to mind immediately.

– Lastly I have a definite preference for homemade stuff. If people cook for themselves then they will apply caution automatically.

Happy Diwali and best wishes for a wealth of good health.

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