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Top 5 Trends in Running – Dr. Aashish Contractor – TIRS 2016

Dr. Aashish Contractor was one of the speakers at The India Running Summit 2016 presented by GOQii. He spoke about the recent trends of running which involved a lot of science to it.

Highlights about the Session:

1. Endurance Runners on low-carb diet burn fat

2. Wearable Technology

3. Heritability of athletic traits

4. Running Shoe trends

5. High Intensity Interval Training


Watch the entire session here:


You can also download the presentation Topic-2-Top-5-trends-in-running-Dr.-Aashish-Contractor-1.pdf (432 downloads) .

About The India Running Summit 2016 presented by GOQii:

The India Running Summit is India’s first congregation aimed at bringing together leading recreational runner’s from all over India, on a common platform. Strategically, to be held every year on the Saturday previous to the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, it will seek to bring a special focus on the Indian perspective. There will be a galaxy of high profile speakers from the field of running who have contributed in some way or the other to the promotion of running. The audience will be a select number of event organisers and leading recreational runners from all the leading cities.

About Dr. Aashish Contractor:

Dr. Aashish Contractor is currently head of department of Rehab and Sports Medicine at the Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital, in Mumbai, India. His past roles include being the head of the department of preventive cardiology and rehabilitation at the Asian Heart Institute from its inception in 2002, till June 2014. Dr. Contractor has been the Medical Director for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, since its inception in 2004 till 2014. He is an avid sportsman himself, having run several marathons.

About Dr. Shayamal Vallabhjee:

Dr. Shayamal Vallabhjee is a South African born Sports Scientist & EQ Consultant. With over twelve years experience in elite, high performance sport, Shayamal is now is world renowned Sports Scientist & Performance Coach who specializes in biomechanics, high performance testing, functional rehabilitation & the mental side of sport.

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