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for Good Health

Too often runners adopt practices that are not ethical to the sport of running which otherwise seeks to reward honest efforts of the participants. Such instances result in a bad taste in the event since a genuine runner is denied the privilege that is rightfully his

In the current situation there is no deterrent to the runner to stop adopting unethical practices. If such a situation continues, it will only encourage many more runners to take the wrong path.

YouTooCanRun introduces Results Authentication Services (RASE ) a feature in its registration platform so that disqualified runners are barred from participation in other events.

Anecdotal evidence:

  • A runner who had taken ill and was bought into the ambulance was found to have 5 running chips affixed to the rear of his single bib. In effect his timing would be reflected for those whose chips he was running with.
  • The elder brother registered for the event in veteran category ( 45+ ). The younger brother ( aged about 36 ) ran the event with the elder brothers bib and the elder brother then got on the stage to claim the award.
  • A runner submitted wrong date of birth as a veteran and ran the age category to claim the prize.
  • A runner ran with two bibs. About 100 meters before the finish line, the runner gave one of the bibs to the waiting runner and the second runner then crossed the finish line a little while later.
  • After the run ( well conducted ) the runner enjoyed all facilities and then issued instructions to his credit card company to charge back the amount giving reason as ‘not satisfied’ with the event.