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Sabja / Chia – 1

Most runners from India have read ‘Born to Run’ by Chris McDougall and wondered about the nutritionally beneficial effects of Chia seeds after reading about its magical properties there. The text in the book has extolled the almost magical properties of Iskiate a drink made using Chia seeds and naturally this has got many excited about having it and empowering their performance

Most Indian runners also have heard about the descriptions in that book and  wondered if it is not very similar, if not same as what we know as Sabja seeds. The very same Sabja which of often added to Falooda, another drink with magical properties..but we do not want to go there :-)

So I was in London recently and got  myself some Chia Seeds and decided to check out my natural curiousity. For my own benefit and for the benefit of my fellow runners from India. I then went and got myself some Sabja from the neighbourhood grocer.

First the Price comparison test

The Sabja was Rs 15/- for 50 grams. The Chia seeds were…well with the current state of the Rupee..we do not want heartburn do we?

Sabja on left Chia on right

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4 comments on “Sabja / Chia – 1

  1. Priyanka on said:

    Hi, did u get the lab test results?

  2. youtoocanrun on said:

    Yes Priyannka..thanks for following up and asking..the tests are put up

  3. youtoocanrun on said:

    RAvi..thanks for asking..the lab results are there in the last post in this series at

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