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#AskYourRaceDirector – Pacing

Q.1 I intend to personally pace a friend of mine in the next running event. I am not registered and I intend to run a part of the distance to encourage him. Nothing wrong in that I suppose? . Ans. Before going into the answer, some preface. There are rules for any sport and it is...
Posted On 10 Sep 2020

Choosing Your Correct Pace/Pace Bus

The Problem: In all the years of running and pacing we have found that new runners (and even established ones) make the mistake of not choosing the appropriate pace. The consequences of this are that for every minute a runner runs fast in the first half he loses two minutes in...
Posted On 06 Jan 2016

Pace Calculator

Thank-you for choosing to pace your run by using the Beta version of the PACE CALCULATOR Objective: 1) To enable runners who have not trained by running the full event distance to estimate their approximate finish time. 2) To help runners choose the appropriate Pacer’s Bus for...
Posted On 13 Oct 2015