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Thank-you for choosing to pace your run by using the Beta version of the PACE CALCULATOR

1) To enable runners who have not trained by running the full event distance to estimate their approximate finish time.
2) To help runners choose the appropriate Pacer’s Bus for the event.

Too often new runners with limited training are over-optimistic about their estimated finish times. This leads them to over-pace at the start resulting in a slower finish time.

“As someone who has led Pacing Teams across the country for several years, I have found most new runners fail to correctly estimate their pace.” P. Venkatraman

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How it works:
1) Choose the Event and the distance from the drop-down box.
2) Enter your First Name and Last Name.
3) Choose the longest distance that you ran in the last 1-2 months as part of your training run.
4) Choose the closest time that you took for the selected distance (approximations are OK).
5) Enter your email Id so that the Pacing Chart can be mailed to you.
6) The estimations of the Pacing Time is based on the Davies-Thompson prediction tables from Tim Noakes book ‘The Lore of Running’. These tables have been optimised for Indian conditions based on a decade of experience over more than 50 running events.
7) The prediction is also based on the estimated temperature of the Race day and the variations in a gradient along the race route.

Please Note:

* The assumption is that the running conditions of the race are the same as that of your training.
* If there are differences between gradient, temperature and altitude there will be differences in the estimation.
* As in all instances of human endeavor, structured data can only be an approximation. Actual mileage may vary based on individual circumstances.

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  1. Brijesh Pathak on said:

    Please provide me details about how be a pacer in a race. what is the criteria and minimum qualification required.

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