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S.W.E.A.T – Report – MIG grounds 31/3


Today morning we had a very interesting SWEAT – Sweat Rate study at MIG grounds.

Greeshma, Shalini, Anand and Sachin along with me were there by 6 am. All logistics and arrangements were perfect. Dr Shirish got us an additional scale from his place which I am borrowing for the duration of the study since if there are ladies then we will require two of them. Thanks Dr Shirish for furthering the cause of science.

We started at 6 am sharp and things were quickly set in order. Dr Sachin Bane also took the opportunity and did a run himself and got his own Sweat Rate parameter quantified.

Some very interesting observations came out. The highest reading of the day was a loss of 2.3 ltrs by Sumit Kumar. Wow..was he leaking like a tap that has lost its washer The lowest was 300 ml.
Other high scorers were Ramesh at 1.9 ltrs and Sandesh at 1.5 ltrs. Ramdas came in at 1 ltr precisely. It might be good for him to analyse his SCMM hydration levels and see if this could be the possible cause of his cramps.


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