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SD does 21 – Three fold goal

Posted on Dec 20, 2012


I have told SD that there are 3 objectives for the SCMM 2012. They are:

1. Complete the distance,

2. On foot and

3. Enjoy the participation

He has often come to me and told me the distance that he did on the treadmill and at what speed. Even today he calculated his projected timing and was hoping to do it within 3:30 hours. I do not want to set any time goals on him. I have told him how to improve things it is a multi-year plan not a few months plan.  But after each run the notes that get compared are the time, distance and speed metrics. This is what I want to avoid and this is what I meant when I said that recreational running often talks in the language of athletic running.

As can be understood he is an aggro Type A personality. He wants to do it all in one year. My fear is that he should not do too much too soon and then suffer injuries which would invalidate not only him but the entire old folks running movement in the eyes of the non running society.

Most times my main job is to slow him down and hold him back.


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