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Tackling Diwali – 1

Tackling Diwali – 1As runners we all want to lose weight. We also know that if we lose weight we will be able to improve our running times. Besides looking svelte in those running shorts :-)

But on the other hand we love food and with festivals all coming one after the other, how does one manage to control weight. And especially when Diwali is just hurtling along at us, with boxes full of mithais and chocolates.

So here is a series on how to handle the situation and come out unscathed.

The FIRST point to bear in mind is that if you have more sweets at home, in front of you, you will eat more. Honesty is the lack of opportunity. So minimise the opportunities for deviations.

This is done by a multipronged approach.

1. Do not buy /prepare too many sweets.In my house we got enough so that everyone gets one piece each. Yes one laddoo ( or similar ) for each person only for the entire festival period. Plus what we need to distribute for the others.

2. Remember that when you distribute sweets to others, you will also get them in return, so that way you are going to have a lot why buy too much in the first place is the question.

3. Distribute, like crazy. I mean besides whatever you will distribute on your own, also learn to distribute what you receive from others. Whatever comes at home, I re-distribute to my full time maid, my part time maid, my driver, my bldg watchman, my car cleaner etc. Besides giving them the cash, I give away one of those boxes, which are sent with good intentions, but are definitely harmful.

4. Similarly in my office whatever I receive, I do not take home. I keep them in the fridge. And when they are all there, I distribute it to my team members in a judicious manner. Talk of good HR.

In this way, if I do not have temptation in front of me, then how can I overindulge :-)

More in next.


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