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Social Entrepreneurship – 1

Modern economic theory is largely founded on the assumption that every human being will do something selfish to better his position in life.  Corporations, banks, taxation, all of them assume that we will have our selfish interest foremost as a guide to all our actions.

If this were necessarily true, then what about selfless work that so many people do? What about creative work? What about social work? What about work that is of a public nature? What about work that is of a religious nature? What about neighbours, friends and relatives helping one another? What about runners providing support to other runners? What about non runners who come to cheer runners in an event? There are so many things that we do in our day to day life that has got no monetary aspect as its motivator.

If selfishness were the main and only purpose of human action and human behaviour, then there would be no churches, there would be no temples, there would be no priests, there would be no social workers, there would be no teachers in school, there would be no people mentoring others, there would be no people training trainees and so on so forth.

In fact most human endeavours is such and what drives human beings and gives them satisfaction in selfless work. Social entrepreneurship recognizes this.

Social entrepreneurship is all about selflessness. Social entrepreneurship recognizes that all human actions do not arise from trying to better one’s individual situation in life. There is more pleasure in giving.



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