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Social Entrepreneurship – 2

YouTooCanRun is a social entrepreneurship which is about doing good to society. The good that we want to do is To Promote The Good Health of all those who interact with us.

Public  statistics in India are alarming and lifestyle diseases are taking a toll on the general population. YouTooCanRun believes that by taking up running, the health of the runners can be improved and thus public health statistics can be bettered. That is the good we want to do to society.

In order to do this good work we need to have money. The money will come from various products and services that we will put out to the running community. We will naturally endeavour to be the best in terms of quality and service and in everything that we do.

If there is choice between making money and giving good services, we choose to do good service. The revenue that we earn from our products and services will all go towards promoting the cause. We will of course pay rent, salaries and all other outgoings at full market prices. Beyond paying for resources, if we have a surplus we will put it back to promote running for the general good of the community.

Run for your health

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