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For those who are from Mumbai ( Bombay ), the term Parsi Owned Car may be a familiar one. For those who are from elsewhere, the Parsi community in Mumbai is known to be fastidious in the care and upkeep of its motor vehicles. Lavishing considerable attention all through its life, when it comes for sale, into its later years, the car is prefixed with the above adjective to command a hefty premium.

The Parsi community is also known for its other trait. Of being lovers of good food. Gluttons or gourmets, whatever term you choose, they are known to not be shy of putting a healthy repast behind them with a satisfactory sigh.

Recently two of my Parsi friends traveled with me and I had occasion to talk about good health. I talked about my doing functional mobility screening on new runners as a tool to assess how they had maintained their own ‘bodies’.

You can see the tests here ( Functional-Movement-Screening.pdf (482 downloads)  )

Not being the exercising kind, I did only two tests on them. The test to determine whether they are standing in an anatomically correct posture against the wall. And the single leg hurdle to determine how surefooted they are when they balance and walk. Needless to mention they failed in both tests. Having a high BMI over and above the sedentary lifestyle did not help either.

Comparisons were soon drawn between how they were maintaining their own bodies and how much attention they were lavishing on their car bodies. The analogy of only caring for the quality and quantity of the fuel and other oils they put into their digestive tract was well received. All their other systems, electrical, mechanical had gone for a toss.

Being humorous by nature they all laughed at the example so well bought out. And on that note an extra round of fried eggs were ordered :-)

So how well is your own ‘body’ maintained? Does your car receive more attention than your own own?

After all in the journey of life, you have just one vehicle to ride it on. You cannot buy a new one, every few years or so.

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