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Busting The Protein Myth – Dr. Gayatri Thakoor & Kajal Bhatia – TIRS 2016

Dr. Gayatri Thakoor & Kajal Bhatia took the podium as they discussed about the difference between animal protein & plant protein. The discussion was about what’s better? Both the speakers had their say and Luke Coutinho, the chairperson for the session helped them and the crowd in busting the myth. Want to find out more about the session? Watch the entire video below:

Download the presentations here:  Topic-3-Busting-The-Protein-Myth-Kajal-Bhatia-1.pdf (383 downloads)   Topic-3-Busting-The-Protein-Myth-Dr.-Gayatri-Thakoor-1.pdf (408 downloads)

About Dr. Gayatri Thakoor:

As she says ‘ I am a doctor by profession and nutritionist by passion’ Having experience of 18 yrs as a GP, she embraced her passion of performance nutrition. Giving diets to marathoners, team games and bodybuilders is her mastery. Being a sports nutritionist consultant at HEAL institute for 2 years has given her upper hand as she has seen lot of clients.

About Kajal Bhatia:

Kajal Bhatia, a regular half marathoner, is a University Certified Nutritionist and a Diabetes educator. Her focus lies in educating people about the power of a whole foods plant based lifestyle with an eye towards restoring good health. Her easily sustainable and enzyme rich alkaline meal plans and recipes support the transition to a preventive lifestyle. Kajal is also currently on the board of the juicing company ‘RAW Pressery’ as their nutritional and product consultant.

About Luke Coutinho:

Luke is a leading nutritionist, motivational speaker, published Author of ‘Eat Smart, Move More, Sleep Right – Your personal health coach’.

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