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Difference Between YouTooCanRun & Other Platforms

I am in the lounge at Mumbai airport waiting to board a 0130 Air India flight to Newark and thence to Washington DC.

I was originally scheduled to catch a United flight on the same sector, departing at 2320, which got delayed by 12 hours. Yes, rescheduled to depart at 12-noon tomorrow.

I called my travel agent to explore options. He responded immediately and extended his support. He presented alternate options and United co-operated and re-routed me by Air India.

Which only reminded me once again why I use a travel agent to do my international ticketing.

He might seem costlier when compared to technology-based ticketing services. But is actually very good value for money.

  • He offers me sectors and connections that are not available on other platforms.
  • He ensures that I get the best baggage allowance all along the route.
  • He books my seats and meal preferences as I like it.
  • He offers me free advice and warns me of wrong choices.


And for all this, he takes an amount that seems higher but is actually good value for money.

See the connection between our registration and backend services vis-a-vis other technology offerings for running events. 😁

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