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Nutrition and Runners – A holistic perspective – 2

The 56 kgs that is me, which runs along, is composed of solids, water and air. The air is the oxygen that I breath. 70% of me is water that I drink ( or consume in food ) and the rest is solid matter consisting of muscles, bones, organs etc all of which came from what I ate. ...
Posted On 29 Apr 2014

Nutrition and Runners – A Holistic Perspective – 1

As runners we tend to get concerned about our nutrition. As we should be. And so should non runners too. But too often our ‘knowledge’ of nutrition is based on factoids that we gather from here and there. Too often from commercially sponsored messages backed by...
Posted On 25 Apr 2014

Dr Kinita K Patel on Nutrition

The second session of the day dealt with the all important topic of ‘Nutrition’. Dr. Kinita Kadakia Patel touched upon various aspects of pre-race day, during the race and also post race recovery.She started with explaining why the lunch that was served at the Summit...
Posted On 13 Feb 2014