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Nutrition and Runners – A holistic perspective – 2

The 56 kgs that is me, which runs along, is composed of solids, water and air. The air is the oxygen that I breath. 70% of me is water that I drink ( or consume in food ) and the rest is solid matter consisting of muscles, bones, organs etc all of which came from what I ate. 

Carbs, Proteins, fats, Potassium, Calcium, iron, zinc whatever you think you are, came from only one source. The Earth. Soil.

How then does the stuff that is lying in the ground as mud / soil get into you? Sounds awful, imagining that we are something that we so consider unclean, but that is the reality.

The way nature intended it for us is almost magical. The ONLY way to get that into our bodies is through plants. Animals do not eat soil. We do not eat soil.

When the sun shone on the leaves it took in carbon dioxide from the air and water along with nutrients from the soil from the roots. A magic of nature that we tend to brush off with a single dismissive word. Photosynthesis.

So lets get this straight. Without plants and without photosynthesis the nutrients in the soil cannot get into our bodies. And power our runs.

Now here is a simple exercise for you. Close your eyes. Imagine all the foods that you normally like to eat. With your eyes closed try to trace the entire path back to the plants from where it originated from the soil.

If you have difficulty in making the connection, feel free to ask and I will be glad to help you locate its plant origins.

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