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Nutrition and Runners – A Holistic Perspective – 1

As runners we tend to get concerned about our nutrition. As we should be. And so should non runners too.

But too often our ‘knowledge’ of nutrition is based on factoids that we gather from here and there. Too often from commercially sponsored messages backed by sponsored science. In this process we forget the big picture.

In this series of posts I will try to go back to the basics…so that we do not forget them, in our quest for ‘better’ ( commercially sponsored ) nutrition.

So here it goes.

All the nutrition that we can get ( and need ) is provided for us by planet earth. Be it the earth ( soil ), air, water or fire ( energy ) we cannot create one atom / molecule of our own as humans.

Let me explain this with an example viz me. When I was conceived, I was a fusion of two cells in my mother’s womb. When I emerged, I was about 3.2 kgs and everything that ‘I’ was came from what my mother ate, drank or breathed.

Today I am 56 kgs and a composition of various cells and elements that goes under the name of being me. Everything that I am today, since I was born, came from what I ate, drank and breathed. And the sunshine that I soaked.

The calcium in my bones, the glycogen in my muscle tissues, the fat that my mitochondria burns, the oxygen that I consume in my Vo2Max all of them come from Planet Earth / Mother Nature. Capitalization intended.

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