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S.W.E.A.T – 29 runners at NCPA and a new high

Today we did the Sweat Rate study at NCPA in Nariman Point, Mumbai. This was done to help the runners of Savio’s group gain the benefit of knowing their own individual sweat rates.

The turnout was quite heartening and 29 runners turned up. Almost doubling the sample size so far.

And we saw some amazing numbers too.

We saw a large number of runners with larger Sweat rate losses. There were so many above 1.5 ltrs and quite a handful above 2 ltrs per hour

Rishi Lalwani recorded the highest so far of 2.4 ltrs per hour…..and shares his perspective with us

Meanwhile Pulin Shroff was quite concerned like many runners about running for one hour without water. Here he shares his own experience and recommends why you should also do it

The runners had a very successful day and were quite eager to put their new found knowledge to use in their future runs

P. Venkatraman

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