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Sabja / Chia – The lab test – 6 and final

Getting the Lab tests took some time and multiple sampling. My first attempts did not yield correct results since the protocols were not correctly applied.

I then got in touch with my friend Amit Mehta of who kindly consented to test both samples for basic nutritional values in his Pharma grade lab.

The results are in the table below

It is thus clear that while Sabja has more carbs than Chia, Chia has more Fats and Protein.

My personal conclusion is that from a Runners perspective a Sabja with more carbs is thus better bio available than a Chia if one is looking for carb replenishment during a long run from either of them. The fact of the matter is that there are better alternatives than either of them for this purpose. It just so happens that a guy wrote a book that became a bestseller about the tribe that drank Chia. The moot question is did they have an alternative available.

If Sabjas or Amlas or Kokum had grown there then these food items would have been all the rage…and runners in New Zealand would be probing local markets asking if any of these items were available :-)

I am waiting for the next bestseller that talks about what the Kenyans eat and run :-)













In One Gram



    Total Carb

0.41 g

0.30 g

    Total Fat

0.24 g

0.33 g

    Total Protein

0.19 g

0.23 g

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