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YouTooCanRun-Shares: S1EP5: Back On The Road

YouTooCanRun is pleased to bring to the Running Community, a webinar that is meant to answer the difficult questions of the current times. What will it cover? – Steps to take before resuming road-running – Evaluation needed to be done – Precautions to be taken...
Posted On 26 Oct 2020

YouTooCanRun partners with Jet Airways for runners benefit

We are happy that we have been able to partner with a premier airline like Jet Airways for the benefit of the running community. We have long felt that with runners travelling between cities for running events there should be some way to aggregate this demand for the benefit of...
Posted On 27 Jul 2016

“Heroes of Running” Coverage in Runners for Life

I have been featured by Runners for Life under their column “Heroes of Running” . Runners for Life is one of India’s larges networking site for recreational runners. My coverage there means a lot to me and thanks a lot to the team...
Posted On 04 Aug 2012

Sabja / Chia – The lab test – 6 and final

Getting the Lab tests took some time and multiple sampling. My first attempts did not yield correct results since the protocols were not correctly applied. I then got in touch with my friend Amit Mehta of who kindly consented to test both samples for basic...
Posted On 31 Jul 2012

Sabja / Chia – The Taste test – 5

After having soaked them for about 8 hours I proceeded to drink up the two glasses and subject them to the taste test. Both were neutral to taste..there was no difference in taste..plain and rather bland I may say. But the Sabja felt more fuller and mouthful. It had more bite....
Posted On 31 Jul 2012

Sabja / Chia – Next morning – 4

The seeds were left to soak overnight. Next morning after about 8 hours while the Sabja were fully blown up the Chia seeds too were blown up and fuzzy. Both had settled to the bottom with the weight of the water they had soaked. But our Sabja seeds had blown up fully while the...
Posted On 31 Jul 2012

Sabja / Chia – In the Glass – 3

The next test I did was to take two lots of each and  put them in two separate glasses of water. In less than 5 minutes our Sabja ( on the left ) opened up with the fuzzy outer that we are familiar with in our faloodas. The Chia seeds were still floating around not [...]
Posted On 31 Jul 2012

SD does 21- Dr Contractor’s blog post

Dr Contractor covered the entire story in his blog post at Blood (literally) and sweat en route to running 21.1 km. Imagine this : It’s the Friday before your first marathon on Sunday, and...
Posted On 23 Jul 2012

SD Does 21 – Final timings

Published on Jan 15, 2012 ++++++++++ SD did it in 3:14, very comfortably. I had set a target of 3:15….Bravo. Filed under: SD does 21 Tagged: Venkatraman, YouTooCanRun
Posted On 23 Jul 2012

SD does 21 – Hindusthan Times covers him

Published on Jan 14th, 2012 ++++++++++++++++++++++ SD is fine and raring to go. Today morning we had an event at Asian Heart where we met with Vijay Amritraj the Brand Ambassador for this edition of SCMM. SD was there in full vigor. His injuries have healed though his face is...
Posted On 23 Jul 2012