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SD does 21 – Pre Race Cardio test

Posted on Jan 4th, 2012


Last week SD did his Stress Echo test.

In this test you are strapped with the cardiac electrical sensors to your chest and a 2D ( sonography ) echo is taken of your heart to see how you perform. The treadmill is in the same room and next to the 2D and you are then taken on the tread mill.

Using the Bruce protocol ( ) you are told to keep running on it till the point of failure. Normally if you go to most other testing centers the Cardiologist in attendance will take you to your age predicted MHR and then tell you to step off and certify you as being cardiacally fit. But at Asian Heart the cardialogists are told to take the Marathon participants till the point of failure. Big difference.

Once you feel that you can take the speed/incline no more, you are immediately stepped off the treadmill and then another 2D echo scan is taken of your heart’s functioning as it is beating rapidly ( and cooling down ). The Scans of both your pre-workout and post workout are compared to see how your heart is performing under stress. This is over and above the ECG that is recorded all the time.

Sorry for being detailed in the technicals, but I thought I will say it all for the benefit of those who may be at cardiac inquisitive.

Normally a non runner would last for about 5-8 minutes. Max 10 minutes. SD lasted for a full 13 minutes.

I am now sure of one thing…he may not finish the run due to an blisters /  injury / sprain etc but he is not at cardiac risk during the event.



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