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Vaseline on my Nipples – Intro

This series of posts, titled ‘Vaseline on my Nipples’ was written around 9 years back when Venkat first started running by preparing for the 7 kms Dream Run segment of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon.

He joined a running group called TopGearMIG and started training with them. He then started doing these series of posts in a Yahoogroup of his childhood friends called Kalina_Friends.

The purpose of reproducing the posts here is to let the beginners of today know that every good runner had a humble start.  At first the feats of the long time runners may seem daunting and impossible to comprehend to the newly initiated runner. But it helps to think that all journeys start one step at a time.

This series of posts symbolizes the essence of calling ourselves YouTooCanRun…

If we with such humble running beginnings can run then You Too Can Run

The posts are posted here ‘as is’ in order to retain the original flavour.

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