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Vaseline on your Nipples – 3

Vaseline on your Nipples  – 3 ( posted Jan 20, 2004 )

“Grab your ankles….everybody grab your ankles.”
My own ankles seem a mile away. Though I am only 5 feet 5 inches from my eyes to my ankles. I make a valiant attempt to grab them. There is some damn thing coming in the middle….yes that’s my middle. Also my hamstrings and back refuse to go the extra mile after bending forward a bit.
I grab my knees and stare angrily at my ankles for not coming closer and making things happen as they are for everyone else.
In the group of about 20 are folks much older then me. Gray hair, balding pate, double chin, eye bags are all common. They look much much older than my own self image. But dammit…their ankles are more co-operative and are appropriately situated closer to their hands.
Flexibility, I now understand, along with Endurance and Strength are the 3 hallmarks of physical fitness.
I realise now that going to the Gym is not just enough. Doing freehand and outdoor can really make a difference.
I am happy that I am with a group that motivates me and enthuses me to go higher.
Running …or walking in my case…I understand has its own set of preparation issues. Friction on a long stretch with continuous movement can cause abrasion of the  skins and the garments constantly rubbing one another. Add sweat and make the skin moist. Take the salt in the sweat…and you suddenly realise the problems this combination can cause.

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