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Are you in a R.A.T. race? – 4

Are you in the R.A.T. Race? – 4

If there is one single Mantra in which the Hindu way of life is captured,  it is the Mantra of

“ Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”

( Let all beings in the Universe be happy and free of sufferings )

While  the above thought is indeed very laudable and worthy of being practiced, I am sure that the  Board member of a large MNC is wondering what the F*&%s, if everyone is happy then who will manage my revenue, my ESOPS and my Annual Bonuses .  It is only when someone is discontent with his current state of being will he go and try to improve and that change is best achieved when you buy something that the MNC puts out.

Thus a satisfied happy runner is a non consumer and therefore does not exist for the MNC. This runner is invisible to the marketers of the MNC who make various sports merchandise aimed. Thus all messages and marketing communications have to be aimed at creating dissatisfaction and trying to improve himself.

And speed is something that is measurable and tangible. How can being ‘injury free’ be measured? Or reversing diabetes? Or loosing weight? How is anyone going to make money if these were the objectives of runners. But take speed..and you can pitch everyone against everyone else. Suddenly the bonhomie that should prevail amongst folks doing endurance events, is vitiated by each one boasting of this timings/ PBs.


  • A BPO exec lady who is taking up running and trying to loose her weight, starts her FB update on an apologetic note of being a slow runner. I would say, cheer up instead. A mother of two and a family and job to take care of, you have started finding time to take care of your health by running. Nothing can be more positively energizing that this. You do not have to apologise for being a slow runner. In my frame of reference you are a hero already.


  • A 100kg plus runner takes part in various Half Marathons. Naturally he is the last. But he is steadily loosing weight too. Should he be made to run faster and hammer his knees? Resulting in injuries and  his having to give up running?

Unfortunately the single minded focus for speed harms many. It invalidates and negates the recreational runner who is starting out to enjoy the fun in his runs and reap its considerable benefits.

Thus the Mantra of an MNC marketeer may well be

“ Loka Samastah Dukhino Bhavantu”

 ( Let Everyone Be Unhappy).

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