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How To Benefit From Being Associated With A Brand? – 2

Based on the feedback, something more about the newly minted Brand Ambassadors / Influencers that are going around.

1. Runners confuse between two types of giving away of free goodies by brands. Let us call them Marketing spends and CSR spends.

In Marketing spend, the quid pro quo is clear. I give you free stuff. You eulogise me to your immediate circle.

In CSR spend the goodies are given away to support a destitute runner.

2. I have, in the past, supported CSR allocation and help those who are needy. I am often dismayed to see runners take allocations to their equally well off running compatriots.

3. The social media agencies are mandated to go after the digitally literate and thus those lacking digital literacy suffer as a consequence.

4. The classic divide of haves and have-nots only deepens. The corpulent greedy corner a larger share at the cost of the needy.

Brands that are socially conscious will emerge with better brand values, in the long run, is my opinion and my prayer. :)

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