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Half Marathon No. 127 – Juhu Beach

Today I ran the HM #127 at Juhu as part of my training run with my trainees from Zippers Club.

I ran under rather trying circumstances. On Tuesday and Wednesday this week I was in Guwahati. On Thursday and Friday I was in Aurangabad. Not exactly a great week of rest, good nutrition and feeling fresh.

But the month was running out and I did not want to lose the benefit of better weather, before it starts scorching.

It was a slow easy run and the humidity kicked in and turned sultry. Talking of things sultry, ( :-) ) I had the pleasure of meeting Prochy Mistry on the beach and she was wearing the Western Naval Command HalfMarathon tee. She consented to take a selfie with me.

After I finished the run, my mind reminded me that I need to do 10 push ups as part of the #PushForChange challenge? For every video of people doing 10 pushups, Garnier Men India will donate ₹50 to #MagicBus, which will be used to take underprivileged children out of poverty. #justtenpushups is that too much to ask for? Don’t forget to tag #GarnierMenIndia

I am not normally one for doing such challenges that are often commercially motivated..but how could I displease my good friend Natasha Ramarathnam.

I also thought to myself that I will use the occasion to explain the correct Push Up techniques.

So here goes:

  • Hand perpendicular
  • Spine in neutral position. Which means that it is a straight line from ankle, hips to shoulder.
  • Butts pinched and abs squeezed.


There are several variations of push ups. In the one that I have done in the video, is the one that I recommend for runners the most.
The distance of the hands is shoulder width and the elbows go along the body and nudge the waist when you go down.
Also the nose must touch the ground so that you get the full range of motion.

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