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– Marathon runners cheat in Mexico

– How RASE helps prevent cheating
– 5 key points before appointing your Pacers / Brand Ambassadors
– YouTooCanRun services for pacing efforts at your event
– Laugh it off – true stories from the trenches with a humourous twist.

– Our flexible pricing options

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International News – News on ‘Marathon Offenders’ rampant around the globe. 

August 22nd 2019 – Mexico City Marathon runners took the subway to cut their time!

Though China bans three runners from competing for life after breaking the rules at the Boston Marathon, and 70 year old Dr Frank Meza commits suicide after being disqualified and scrutinised for his performance at the 2019 LA Marathon, cheating is still a common occurrence at International Marathons.

The most recent episode reported was at the Mexico City Marathon that stated 2000 alleged cheaters hopped on the subway for a quick detour to the finish line.

YouTooCanRun is equally passionate about outing fraudulent runners. We strongly believe in runners’ integrity and that offenders should be identified and disqualified. 

RASE – Results Authentication Services for Events

To support the ideals of sport & protect the reputation of running, we urge organisers to be mindful of maintaining race integrity at all times.
YouTooCanRun, RASE – Results Authentication Services for Events, authenticates race results to eliminate cheating & impersonation. RASE detects instances such as :
  • Impersonation, running with bibs under which they are not registered
  • Bib Mules – running with more than one bib. 
  • False entries, submitting wrong data especially with respect to date of birth
  • Initiating a chargeback on the card after having successfully participated in the event, thus cheating the event organiser of his financial dues.
  • Cutting the course
  • Taking unfair assistance especially for podium finishers, such as personal pacers, individual lead bikes etc
  • Has been disqualified by other event organizers in India or national and international bodies
Registrants found violating any of the above will be barred from participating in any future events on the YouTooCanRun registration platform.
Work with YouTooCanRun to keep your event free of cheaters
Cheating offends against the ideals of sport
and failing to act against it will bring running into disrepute

IAAF policy statement

Watch our video about how RASE works!

Pacers and Brand Ambassadors – Top 5 points to put your pacing team

Event organisers are increasingly appointing runners as pacers/brand ambassadors. While some of them differentiate between the two and have a separate pacing team that is different from a brand ambassador team many use the term and the roles interchangebly.

Here are the top 5 points to bear in mind while putting together your team:
Marketing versus performance role: 
What exactly is the role of the person, you are hoping to make as your pacer/brand ambassador. Is the person expected to raise the stature of the event because of their own credentials in the running ecosystem or is the runner expected to pace well and ensure that his bus comes in on time. Basically what needs to be cleared is , is it a marketing role or a performance/delivery role. 

Key differentiator:

One key differentiator would be whether he is being chosen because of his social media profile as an influencer; or whether the person has a stature in the running community irrespective of his social media influence. 
Most appointments are pacers who wield some influence over social media. Unfortunately, many of them may not have a stature in the running community, that is in keeping with their perceived status social media status. This does not augur well for the image of the event.
Also appointing social media influences as pacers can sometimes be a double edge sword. If the relationship goes sour, the same social media influencer can write against the event, which can backfire. 
It is necessary to see the past track record of the pacer as a runner.
Unfortunately in many events, nowadays, event organisers pay least heed to this aspect. We have seen numerous instances of pacers struggling to keep pace for the bus they are leading. 
Previous track record as a pacer.
There exists no single database to evaluate the performance as a pacer in  past events. So wrong choices keep getting made repeatedly. 
What motivates him to become a pacer? 
Lastly, the fifth and the most important point to consider is to consider what motivates a runner to become a pacer. Often the runner is motivated by it by a desire to project his image in social media and less from a desire to do good to the runners running with him. 

Pacing Team offerings of YouTooCanRun:

YouTooCanRun offers a unique feature set towards the success of your events pacing team efforts. We do the entire work for you


Selection Criteria: YouTooCanRun follows specific selection criteria while selecting pacers for an event. We take a look at their past pacing history, whether they were able to manage a pacing bus successfully or they missed their target. These pacers are also chosen on the basis of their personal best and then allocated a suitable bus.

Pacer kits: YouTooCanRun stocks and supplies pacer kits to all its events. In its third generation design, the pacer kit is the one that others like to copy. The kit includes the jacket, flag pole and non-tearable pacer bus timing flag that has now become the industry standard too.

Pacer Briefing: After the pacers are selected and kitted, they are then briefed on the essential do’s and dont’s of pacing. In key events Mr P. Venkatraman, who is considered a doyen of pacing, does it in person. His video version is available online for all event organisers, where he cannot be personally present.

Pace Calculator: The pacing calculator is designed to help the runner find an optimum pace to run at and finish with his best timing given several variables of race day. We consider the following factors while calculating the pace: Runners’ previous training run, Indian fitness condition, micro weather along the route and the route constraints.


Pacer Evaluation: After the event, a pacer is evaluated based on his performance during the event. This feedback is then given to the pacers and event organisers for better decision making next time.

See this video about how our Pace Calculator works

Laugh it Out

While cheating might continue in China and other countries, cheating in  our own races continues in an  deplorable manner. In the recently concluded MIT Aurangabad Heritage Half Marathon, one runner was caught  running with three bibs in his pocket. He was foolish enough because I was standing near the medal counter and trying to catch pirate runners who were running the event without any registration or bibs. This particular runner came up to the medal counter and expected to be given a medal. When I questioned him, “Why he was running without a bib?”, the foolish man pulled out three bibs from his pocket and give them to me.
Needless to mention, all the three runners  have been blacklisted in our system, and they will not be able to run any  other event for the next three years on our RACES platform.

Flexible Pricing Plan

YouTooCanRun  has emerged as the country’s leading RACES registration platform. And working with us has become more convenient than ever.
We now have three , easy pricing plans.
Let your next running event be on our platform.
– Fueled by Passion. By Runners for Runners.
– We are not a technology only platform. We combine cutting edge features backed by service. Why struggle with a Do-It-Yourself solution when we are just a message away.
– Deep domain expertise has made us develop so many features that runners acknowledge and appreciate.
– Athlete ID card maintains runners loyalty in choosing our registration platform over others

– We pride ourselves in our data integrity. You are assured that the cleanest data goes to the timing partner from us.

– We offer a full range of services and also take care of your bib distribution, spot registration till the evening before the race.
– With us managing your registration and back office, you are free to add value to your event such as pleasing sponsors and runners.
Move your running event registration services to our RACES platform. 
Call us on 9920100267 / 9920100213.



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