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#AskYourRaceDirector – Breakfasts and Running Events

There is an expectation that hot breakfast must be served in all running events. Some runners complain on social media about it without realising the practical difficulties in such arrangements.
Here is my point of view
1. Arranging hot breakfast is a matter of whether it has been implied or promised as a part of the event. Runners cannot hold out as expectation what has not been specifically promised. Though there is a certain minimum like water, timing, course distance, etc a hot breakfast is not something that can be taken for granted.
2. Most international marathons provide only packed processed foods as breakfast. This is due to practical considerations of arranging for such breakfasts.
3. As the event grows larger, the logistics of arranging hot breakfasts become even more daunting due to the following reasons
– Most event venues do not allow open flames due to fire safety considerations. Permissions are not granted to cook on the spot.
– Thus the food has to be cooked elsewhere, kept warm and served.
– Depending upon the route design, as road closures begin to fall in place, there may not be clear road to enter and exit for service delivery vehicles ferrying hot breakfast from the external kitchen.
– Vehicles with hot cases may not be available in large numbers to store the food warm from about 5 am ( before the road closures kick in ) till the breakfast service starts.
– A hot breakfast creates more latency in terms of service at the buffet counter as well as consuming time. The venue must be large enough to accommodate larger numbers in holding area.
4. What may thus be easily possible for small promo runs of about 1000 or so numbers cannot be expected of runs much larger in size.
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