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S.W.E.A.T – Does this study really make a difference?

I am sure that there are many who may be wondering if this study will really make a difference to their performance. I mean, why not just wing it through the run, as one has been doing all the time?

What really is the difference between having a planned fluid replacement strategy ( based on a scientific study such as this one ) and going by the ‘gut feel’?

Scientists at the Department of Sports Science in Germany asked this question and decided to do a study on 18 cyclists. They found that ” the athletes cycled about 6% faster using the “scientific” nutrition strategy: 128 vs. 136 minutes

So you can wise up and be part of the study..or be one of the doubting Thomases and come 6% slower :-)

The easy to read article in Runners World


The Pubmed abstract


See you soon :-)


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