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Comrades UltraMarathon – The Indian team

Here are some stats on the Comrades contingent from India.

– We are now having one of the largest team numbers only exceeded by other countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Russia etc

– Out of the 32 who show of them Nagesh Rao is actually an Indian from Canada who registers under the Indian quota :-)

– And again Danny Caroll is an Australian who lives and works in India. He naturally runs and registers under the Indian quota too.

– Out of the 32, 8 are DNS..did not start

– In the 24 who are running today 3 are women…oops girls…way to go feminine power. They are Roshini, Neepa and Vineeta. Don’t know who Vineeta is.

– In the 24, 8 have run the race before and 16 are attempting it for the first time…to the best of my knowledge.

The run website is at

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