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S.W.E.A.T – A busy weekend

In the weekend of June 2/3 we crossed a significant milestone.

We crossed 10 locations and covered 173 runners.

On Saturday we did the study at MIG club…a repeat location for those who could not make it earlier

Sandesh weighs in while Madhav removes his top to go in next

And then on Sunday we did the study at Aarey Milk Colony  at a combined group run of Striders. Here is a  snap of the study location.

The study location at Aarey Milk Colony..very tree laden and a green oasis in the heart of Mumbai

The turnout was understandably large even though more than 50% were not ready for the study, having got the emailed protocol rather late. After the run there was an interesting Q&A and most runners got to realise the importance of knowing this boundary of risk defined for them too.

It was heartening to note that most of the runners wanted me to come again and repeat the study for their benefit. I am convinced that most runners are quite concerned about their own sweat rate parameter and would definitely not like to miss knowing this number for their improved fluid replacement strategy.

P. Venkatraman

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