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Vaseline on your Nipples – 6

Vaseline on your Nipples – 6 ( posted on Jan 28, 2004 )

The morning air is cold. 2 Tshirts are desirable. At the MIG ground at around 6 am darkness engulfs everything. There is a fog / mist in the air. Your breath condenses as you run and exhale. Your spectacles mist up.
Piercing the  morning darkness towards the club end is the MIG neon sign that spreads a pale blue shade to all within its circle. At the other end there are some tubelights from the buildings opposite that cast a white light. On the street side the ochre of the mercury vapor lamps diffuse a reddish tinge. At the fourth perimeter where the school is, darkness prevails.
“Hi Kishore”, “Hello Parul”, ” Good morning Pradeep” the runners greet each other as they cross in opposite directions or overtake the walkers.
The grass is wet with dew. There is a sweet smell of damp red mud. Mist rises from the grassy ground. Above all there is a strong strange smell. It is pure oxygen the grass and the trees have been suffusing all night. The deep breaths that the runners take in is invigorating.
Slowly dawn breaks out.

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