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Vaseline on your Nipples – 7

Vaseline on your Nipples – 7 ( Posted on Jan 30th, 2004 )

(just remember that this was posted to my non-running group friends who are not known for their fitness levels, but rather their capacity to drink you under the table )

Hello Folks,
Many of us are in the danger zone healthwise. We are aging to a point where a heart attack is imminent.
Guru talked of Anil Ambani running the marathon. About 4 years back Anil was overweight ( like all of us ) and could not walk even one KM. He was addressing a analyst meet in NY in one of the rounds of raising funds for Reliance. One analyst got up and asked him that if he could not take care of his own health, then how could he assure the investors that their money would be taken care of. Anil was stumped. He took it to his heart ( pardon the pun ). He started a health regime. This is a true story.
Think of your own stakeholders. Your employees, subordinates and why your own family. Father, wife, children. If you cannot take care of your own health can you then take care of them?
Ponder over it.
We become friends in our teenage years. Bonding occurs over shared vices. In due course of time, sharing vices equates to social bonding. I am not saying that one should not have fun. But should one be overweigth and obese and pose a health risk to the other stakeholders in your own life. Very few are willing to deal with this question with condour.
Very soon the Dukkar fiat that took us from Drive-Ins to Dive-Ins will start ferrying us to Cardiologists and others of the same ilk.
We start developing symptoms. Diabetes, blood pressure are the first warning signs. We even ignore them often and hesitate from going to health check ups.
The pain in the neck and back results from our sedantary posture.
We even fall in love with our vices. In some circles we are known by the vices we keep. We pride ourselves in being a Old Monk or a DSP afficianado. We ignore BP and embrace LP. B & H is our constant companion.
Your family puts up with you. Unlike the analyst they lack the gumption to stand up and confront you with ‘life altering’ questions.

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