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Vaseline on your Nipples – 5

Vaseline on your Nipples – 5 ( posted on 26th Jan, 2004)


Yesterday Sunday the 25th, Dr Ajay left his house in Kalina at about 4.50 am. It was his wedding anniversay. He ran all the way upto Mahalaxmi race course.

As the joke went around…he was running away from his wife…hahahaha

The distance is about 17 kms and after reaching there at about 7 am he did two more laps of 2.4 kms each. In all he crossed 22kms. Well before 7.30 am.

The rest of us got into cars and went there. I was in my second lap when I was thinking of giving up when he egged me on to do the third. Which means that I did about 7.2 kms partly running and mostly walking.

After finishing his laps he motivated us to do the stretching exercises for cooling down. It made me sweat. I was wheezing and sputtering like an old steam engine by the end of it.

We then retired to the Gallops restaurant for breakfast. Orange juice, melba toast, scrambled eggs, baked potatos on corn and cheese, shewsberry buiscuits went around. Much jokes and merriment floated in the conversation. We left with mirth and gaiety and a sense of acheivement. Exercise or Breakfast….I do not know.

Ajay is a medical general practitioner and is also a professionally trained physical fitness trainer. He trains sportsmen at Air India and other such corporates by day. He stays at Arbuda building ( opp KES ).

What is his age? You might ask.

He is about 4 months younger than me and older than most of you on this group.

Have a nice Republic Day.


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