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YouTooCanRun – Webinar Series FAQs

YouTooCanRun Webinars


  1. What is this Webinar series about?

YouTooCanRun series of webinars is aimed at spreading knowledge about running. It is targeted at both non runners, beginners and advanced runners with a strong focus on getting those who are novices up to speed on the learning curve.


  1. When is this Webinar series to be held?

It is initially scheduled to be on most Tuesdays subject to prior notice on social media. The timings will be from 7:30 pm for about 30 minutes.


  1. How do I join the Webinar?

All webinars will be live streamed using Google Hangouts on Air. You will get a link  to click on. You will need a good bandwidth to have a uninterrupted viewing experience.


  1. How can I ask questions?

You can use the Chat window and type in the questions….the presenter can then see them and answer appropriately.


  1. How can I view past Webinars?

If you miss joining the live webinar, you can view it at your own convenience at our YouTube Channel – YouTooCanRun under the appropriate Playlist. Questions asked there will also be answered on the discussion thread on the Channel. Our YouTube channel is here


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